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Universal Nutrition Animal Pump

Universal Nutrition Animal Pump 


Alright I've tried different NO products for about 10yrs now. I'm always looking for the best bang for the buck on supplements. I hate paying for a Name, but in return. You pay for what you get. NO is now one of the Most Massed Produced Supplements now. Every Supplement Company has one now.

I'm 1/2 way through my Animal PUMP Can now. The Pumps seem alright.  It’s about as good as the SixStar $19 stuff from Wal-Mart, maybe just a little better.

The RED Pill is WEAK... I haven't felt it one bit.

I used to love Animals Products. I've tried all their stuff over the Years. Hell there old ads from a few years ago where great. I tore them out and posted them in the Gym...

But I think Animal's Product has fell behind many other Companies now. Kind of like yesterday’s news.

They need to step it up..

UPDATE: Few days later
Today was Biceps and Triceps. As I'm not going to waste this stuff. I'm using it till I run out. 

Animal Pump Works much better if you Carb way up before you hit the Gym. I took in about 150 Carbs 2hrs before. So if you’re on a Low Carb Diet. The NO isn't worth it for you.  No suprise thou.

Final Score 5 out of 10

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