This kit is for the guy who is serious about getting ripped and “cut” and has the diet and exercise program to prove it! Cutting requires increased cardio, more intense workouts with faster movements and lots of explosive movements. 

The CUTTING ANDRO kit is our best combination of andro supplements that we believe will give you every advantage during your cutting phase. 

EPIANDRO is a andro supplement to stanolone that may increase aggression and give you insane hardness in the gym.

1-Andro is a perfect addition to your andro supplement cycle. This dry andro supplement is one that people love for the intense hardening and strength assisting effects. 

17-PROANDRO is a non-androgen hardener that will give an alternative pathway to stanolone production and may have serious intrinsic activity on its own! 

Form-XT is the perfect PCT product for getting you back into perfect condition after your cycle. 

Things to Know about LG Sciences andro supplements:

1) There is effectively no liver toxicity with legal andro supplements.

2) All claims are dependent on proper diet and exercise.

3) All andro supplement products have the possibility of side effects, but they are rare (read the warning on the bottle for a full description).

4) andro supplements should only be taken by people over 21 unless with a doctor’s supervision.

OK now you know a little about the Cutting kit from LG. What’s nice about this kit is that it’s not a Methyl. Which means it’s not harsh on your body. I have also found this kit not to shut you down near as much as others. Making PCT that much easier. Running the PCT like Form-XT should be all you need, but many like to stack a Natty test booster with that. That’s fine. One could also use HCGenerate ES from Needtobuildmuscle during cycle and throughout PCT instead of a Natty test booster. These aren’t needed, but can add to a successful cycle.

Now the Cutting Kit isn’t going to Bulk you up and gain 10-15lbs. Hence its name. What it does allow you to do is Maintain Muscle Mass while dieting or even at maintenance Calorie intakes. Too get the most out of any PH Cycle a Proper Diet and workout routines are just as important as ever. If these are not right, it can kill any progress you might have gotten from your PH cycle. You can expect to see weight gains of 2-8lbs, but with a drop in Body fat % as well. You will also notice your strength increase during cycle. This is pretty impressive for such a short period of time and while dieting
For a PH cycle like this I would recommend a 5 day a week .High Volume and Intense workout. I have a workout routine already laid out for you. This isn’t for the faint of heart either and I’d recommend you run it for a couple of weeks and figure your weight settings and adjust it a little to fit you better. You may not like every exercise I have chosen or amount of Sets. I’ve done well off 4x10-12 for must things… Some do great off just 3 sets. While on a PH Cycle you are able to push things harder and longer. So don’t be afraid of a little Volume. Once you have ran this routine for a couple of weeks and feel comfortable with it. Start your Cutting Kit.

How I run my routines. I do a lot of Super Settings, Rest-Pause and FST-7 sets. Most of you should know what a Super Set is. If not, Google it. But I’ll help out on the FST-7 and Rest-Pause sets. The FST-7 is a basically a Giant set. Its 7 sets to Failure, but you want to fail on 12…. So Say we are doing Cable Rows with 200lbs for the first set. I get 13 reps. I’ll stay are 200lbs for my 2nd set and get 11. So, on my 3rd I would need to drop the weight by 5-10lbs. So I could get 12 reps. The goal is to adjust the weight for each set to fail around 12. These sets have only a 30-45sec rest periods between them. So it doesn’t take long.

Everything is laid out below. AB’s are done twice a week, but are not listed below. I would normally do these at home. If you want to do them while at the gym. I’d suggest doing them on Shoulders or Arm Days. These Days are the quickest days. Once warmed up none of these workouts should last past 45min. Shoulders and Arms can be done around 30mins. Leaving time for AB’s. Like, I stated before I like to hit them twice a week. Once with weights and once with body weight. In my opinion Cardio isn’t needed if your Diet is on point, but many need that cardio. So with this routine below. I would suggest Cardio be done for 20-30min after the workout everyday but Leg Day. For more fat burning, try adding a 20min fasted Cardio session first thing in the morning.

This routine is a Two Week Cycle. After the 2nd, start all over, but this time try to beat yourself by either weight or Reps on the main lifts. Did I mention you should be logging your workouts? Very important.

Week One

DB Incline Bench 4x12
Flat Bench 4x12
Decline DB Bench 4x12
Pec Deck 4x12
Weighted Push-ups –FST-7's

Back - Thickness
Hyperextensions 4x12
Deadlifts 4x12
DB Rows 4x12
V-Handle Cable Rows – FST-7’s
V-Handle Pulldowns 4x12

DB Military 4x12
Side Delt Cables 3x12
Front Delt Cables 3x12
Rev Pec Deck 3x12
Shurgs 4x15

Leg Press 4x12
Lunges 4x12
Leg Ext. Super set with Leg Curls but FST-7’s as well. (tough)
Standing Calf Raises 4x15 (Full ROM and pause at bottom)

Preacher Curls…Super Set with Skull Crushers 4x12
Incline Cons Curls…Super Set with Tricep Machine Ext. or Overhead DB Ext. 4x12
Reverse Cable Curls…Super Set with Bench Dips 4x12
BB Wrist Curls 4x25

Week Two

Incline Machine Bench 4x12
DB Flat Bench 4x12
Machine Decline Bench 4x12
Cable Flyes 3x12
Deep Push-ups 3 x Failure

Back- Width
Pull Ups 4 x Failure
Wide Grip Pulldowns 4x12
T-Bar 4x12
BB Rows 4x12
Rev Grip Pulldowns 4x12

Machine Military 4x12
Side Delt Machine 4x12
Upright rows 4x12
Rear Delt Cables 4x12

Hyperextensions 4x12
Squats 4x10
Narrow stance Leg Press – FST-7’s
Weighted Step ups 4x12
Leg press Calf raises 4x25

Alt. DB Curls…Super Set with Rope Pressdowns 4x12
Straight bar cable curls…Super Set with Close Grip Bench 4x12
Preacher Curls…Super Set with Weighted Dips 4x12
Hammer Curls 4x12… Super Set with BB Wrist Curls 4x25
Suggested Use

Shake all liquid products before use - very important as it can settle.

Take tablets with a small portion of food with fat. Liquids should be dispensed under the tongue, held for 60 seconds, then swished around the entire mouth, coating it before swallowing completely.

Men - 21 and Over Only

Take doses spaced apart morning and night. Wait at least 10 minutes between doses of each product.
Dose times can be taken any time as long as they are spaced as far apart as possible and 10 minutes between each product as in this sample program: