Spud Inc. Forearmour

These have been a life saver. When I was learning low bar squat and trying to figire it out years ago. A few mistakes were made, overtraining, wrong grip etc... I ended up with tendonitis. It's been 5yrs now. It comes and goes, but is always there. It doesn't take much to over train and flare up. I've tried Strectches, ICE, OTC Medications and more. I used to Squat on Mondays and Heavy Bench on Tuesdays. I swapped the 2 days and that helped, but not a cure.

I've tried other Straps, Wraps and Sleeves for the Elbows and Forarms. Compression Cuffs help and are great, but not adjustable. Also the tigther the better it reduces pain. So you are always sliding the Cuffs up and down the forearm between sets. As you sweat, that gets harder each time. Just becomes a pain in the butt reallly.
The Forearmour Strap isn't a cure, but it does help in 2 ways.

1. When your Tendonitis is flared up and painful. The Forearmour strap helps mask the pain and allow you to finish you work out.

2. Even when your not in pain. It's a good idea to wear it on exercises that can aggervate it. This can help prevent or reduce the Tendonitis Flare up afterwards.

Whats nice about this Strap is it's adjustble. Which means you can adjust the tightness on it. Unlike Compression Cuffs made from Knee Wrap Materials. This strap can fit any part of your arm. You also don't have to keep fighting it bewteen sets, sliding it down your arm to release pressure. The Forearmour you just release the velcro to release the pressure. 

I still Highly recommend ICE and Stretching. Also OTC anti inflammatories when it's real bad.