Iron Woody Grippers

These last few months I have really been focusing on my grip and forearm training. Grip training is very important if you want a Big Deadlift. Also has your deadlift goes up your grip needs to be able to strengthen as well. Fat Bars, plate pinches and hand grippers are all great ways to improve your grip. This review is based on the Iron Woody Grippers. You can find these at The Best Fitness Workout Bands for Strength & Resistance Training. These Grippers have 60 different tension settings. From 45lbs to 400lbs. Simply by moving the springs up or down on the Grippers. The higher up you go, the tougher they get.

The Design of these is nothing new and matter of fact has been around for over 20yrs at least. Ivanko Super Grippers is what they were. From what I found on line the rights to them expired back in the 80?s. So many companies are making these. I choice Iron Woody?s for a few reasons. 1. Their customer service is top notch. 2. They come highly recommend on a few forums I?m active online. So I knew I couldn?t go wrong with Iron Woodys.

Iron Woody has mainly just 3 different Hand Grippers. The Vise Gripper, Iron Woody Grippers and the Bone Crushers. The Vise Grippers look a lot like the Iron Woody ones. The only difference is little handles for Grips. The Iron Woody ones don?t have that. They say the Handles make it more comfortable, but I don?t have any issues with these. The Vise Grippers are also $10 more. The Bone Crushers look to be great grippers as well, but at $65.70 for all 6. The Iron Woody Gripper at $24.95 covers all 6 plus tons more. There is also another brand that is thrown around a lot the forums, Captain of Crush grippers. When you?re on a budget their not a good buy either. The kit of 10 Captain of Crush Grippers is $186.95. The Captain of Crush Grippers range from 60lbs to 365lbs over 11 Grippers. The largest complaints about these are the handles are too aggressive and painful. 
Everyone I have shown these Iron Woody Grippers always stat how big they are. Which I don?t understand why? They are big looking yes, but they are no thicker than 1/3 or so. They lay pretty flat so when placed in a Gym bag. They don?t take up any room at all. And a lot less room and weight if I had all the Hand Crusher style Grippers from other brands. Right now I have these in my Car in between my seat and the console. I?ll crank out 3x12-15 just on the way into work.
How I use these. I use them 3-4 times a week. I?ll cycle through 4x25, 3x12-15 or 5x5. I believe this really have helped out my grip these last couple of months. I haven?t had any gym lifts even on Max Deadlift days fail from losing my grip. 

So over all these are a great deal. The price of $24.99, easily replaces $186.95 of Captain of Crush Grippers. So they fit anyone?s budget. Also don?t let the size through you off either. Yes they look big from the side, but they are pretty flat and remember only take up ?in of room. When laid flat in your gym bag or whatever.

My rating is an easy one?..9 out of 10? Only reason I?m giving a 9 is the handles. They don?t affect me much, but they do dig in a little. It?s just from being small. I plan on cutting some rubber tubing and slip it on to make my own handles. Should be a cheap (Free) upgrade if needed. As of right now, I?m not going to worry about it. My whole experience with these Grippers and Iron Woody has been top notch. I plan on doing a lot of Business in the future with Iron Woodys. I see now why so many guys recommend them?

Below is a Chart for Tension settings.