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Spread Sheets and Calculators

1RM Calculator
Running a Powwelifting Meet ---Free downloads from Joe's Powerlifting Toolkit


Smolov Squat Program 
Russian Squat Program Generator
Hatch Squat Program
Pure Power Mag 16-week Squat Routine - Calculator
Brad Gillingham Squat and Deadlift program
Five-week Westside Barbell DE box squat cycle
Basic 6 week russian squat cycle


Maryland Powerlifting 12 Week Bench Program - Brad Gillingham inspired
The 6 Week Power Bench Press Program
Ed Coan Bench Program
Add 50lbs to your Bench
Patrik Nyman's Prilepin Bench program
High Rep Bench Program 
Scott Warman Bench Press Peaking Program


ED Coan-Phillipi 12 Week Deadlift Routine
Ricky Dale Crain - The Deadlift Xtreme Routine
Magnusson / Ortmayer Deadlift Routine: Spread Sheet
12 Week Deadlift Spreadsheet
Vince Anello - 14-week deadlift program
Lamar Gant's - 12 Week Deadlift Routine
Gain 40 lbs. On Deadlift In 8 Weeks


Brandon Lilly's -The Cube Method Calculator - Black Iron Beast
BIG LIFTs 2 - 5/3/1 & Starting Strength Calculator App
5/3/1 - Black Iron Beast Calculator
Candito 6 Week Program 
The Texas Method #1
Sheiko #29 thou #40 
Powerlifting Cycle 3 
Extended Russian Power Routine 
Texas Method #2 
Mark Rippetoe's Starting Strength
Wave Loading 
Hatfield 12 Week Cycle
Hatfield 12 Week Cycle
5x5 Powerlifting Program
Boris Sheiko
Bill Starr 5×5
GZCL Method 


ED COAN's Peaking Program
Classic Deadlift Peaking Program 
6 Week Soviet Peaking